Who am I?

I'm 29, I'm a private renter who writes financial reports for a living, and I've written a book about 'Generation Rent'. Why?

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Generation Rent: How Greed Killed the Housing Dream, published by Canbury Press, is out in July 2020. Pre-order it here.

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What's this about?

We ‘millennials’ have been called lazy, entitled, narcissistic, profligate, whiny and impulsive. We prioritise iPhones, Netflix subscriptions, new cars on PCP deals and avocado-based breakfasts over maxing out our Help to Buy ISAs.

The promised land of homeownership awaits us all - if only we could stop being terrible human beings.

I believe that this caricature of 'young people today' is a rhetorical fiction. If you agree, you're in the right place. It's time we heard the real story of 'Generation Rent'.

Generation Rent